Pipe Design and Engineering

Our pipe design and engineering service is part of our overall service chain which enables us to provide for oil & gas, building services, and industrial clients with versatile and modern engineering services. We carry out piping design for conventional power plants, boiler plants, HVAC, oil & gas, process and allied industry, etc.

Our designers and engineers are well acquainted with the requirements of procurement, construction, installation and prefabrication, and we can utilize the special capabilities of our workshops.

Our piping deliveries can be carried out as comprehensive deliveries or, if the customer so wishes, we can concentrate on a smaller entity.

Whether the required entity is big or small, our experts will help you achieve the desired outcome.

Our offering:

  • Pre-designing and consultation
  • Designing
  • Material acquisition
  • Prefabrication
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Documentation

Our piping system design services

  • Plant layout design using 3D and 2D systems
  • Detailed design of piping systems (isometric drawings, hangers, mouldings, non-standard special parts)
  • Stress calculations and flexibility analyses for piping sections

Those scale projects