Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering: When you are planning the electrical layout, it is critical to ensure accuracy. If the layouts are not laid efficiently and if the electric circuit diagrams have not been done with precision, the foundation will be flawed and it will culminate into various problems in time to come.

This is the reason a lot of people have been choosing electrical design work to us. We have an extremely skilled team onboard who will duly meet your needs and churn out the right output for you.

We offer a wide array of different services to our clients

  • Studying electrical system
  • Making single line diagrams
  • Sizing electrical equipments
  • Laying out plans and equipments
  • Distribution of main and auxiliary power

List of Deliverable

  • Calculation of earthing, lighting protection, indoor and outdoor lightning facilities.
  • Single line diagrams and cable sizing
  • Indexing the different electrical instruments
  • Making instrument loop and installation drawing
  • Making size conduction manuals
  • Sizing and calibrating the instruments