Hydro Process Engineering

Hydro Process Engineering services at a glance

Chemical investigations in the water-steam cycle

  • Regular, recurring checks of the most important chemical parameters for compliance with the limit values ​​of the relevant guidelines (TRD 611, VdTÜV guidelines, VGB guidelines)
  • Prophylactic inspection (wet-analytical and physio-chemical) of the feed and boiler water quality for the early detection of malfunctions and their elimination
  • Checking the steam purity during start-up operations
  • Control of the hydrogen content to avoid corrosion

Process engineering advice for plant operation

  • Conditioning of feed and boiler feed water
  • Conversion / optimization of the operating mode
  • Advice on materials / ion exchange resins / filter materials
  • Monitoring and adjustment of regeneration

Creation of concepts and specifications for water treatment

  • Specification of pre-cleaning, filtration, demineralisation and condensate cleaning systems
  • Positioning and construction of sampling devices

Supervision of assembly and commissioning

  • Acceptance measurements: Control of compliance with the warranty parameters

Pickling, chemical cleaning

  • Advice on procedures, planning and implementation of pickling and chemical cleaning
  • Monitoring of the quality parameters for pickling and chemical cleaning


Creation of concepts for the preservation of water-steam cycles, steam turbines and entire boiler systems and support during implementation


  • On-site training of the operating personnel, taking into account system-specific conditions
  • Creation of system-specific training documents