• Client: Lagos State Government
  • Value: $6,549,070.88
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Location: Surulere
  • Surface Area: 38.942 Km

Distribution Network Rehabilitation and Expansion

Distribution Network Rehabilitation and Expansion, Surulere by Thomas Chase

The works include;
Replacement of 75mm, 100mm Asbestos Cement (AC) and Cast Iron pipes with ND 110mm HDPE pipes
with a total length of 19,990.52 meters.
Extension of existing distribution network with HDPE pipes;
100mm – 9,952.63 meters
160mm – 8,854.19 meters
200mm – 10,699.20 meters, 250mm – 145.36 meters
Total – 29,651.36 meters

  • Installation of one (1) no. new battery powered electromagnetic or ultra-sonic zonal meter of ND 500mm
  • Procurement and Installation of 6,000 No. ND 20mm Pre paid domestic water meters
  • Procurement and Installation of 180 No. ND 50mm prepaid bulk water meters
  • Installation of 474 No. of assorted valves, e.g. Isolation valves ranging from ND110mm to ND 400mm
  • Installation of 30 No. Pillar Fire hydrants
  • Installation of 49,642 meters of metallic wire tape pipe tracker