• Client:: Ogun State Water Corporation
  • Value of the works:: $8,070,203.17 - USD
  • Start Date:: March 2021
  • Duration of the works:: 18 Months

Ogun Urban Water Supply

Ogun Urban Water Supply, Lot 3 (Obantoko) Water Distribution Network CNG1027/WKS/01/04/2017LOT3 by Thomas Chase

Description of the works:
Supply and install a water distribution network from a water reservoir at OkeTemidire on a hill off MKO Abiola Way (by the right side) to part of sector 2 (aka Obantoko sector) comprising the following: Oke Temidire Area, Asero Estate, OGD Estate, Oloruntedo Area, Akin Okudero Area, Fajol Estate, Obantoko, Eleweren, Abolade Oke-Odo Community, Abule-Ijebu, Tejumola Estate and Ebamidupe Temidire Community.
The work involves laying of primary, secondary and tertiary pipelines, construction of water kiosks and installation of house connections. The materials for the primary main are Ductile Iron (DI) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), while the other pipelines will be solely of HDPE material.
The work concerning Obantoko distribution network consists of supply and laying of primary main of sizes 500mm and400mm, secondary main of sizes 315–200mm and tertiary main of sizes 160 –63mm, construction of chambers, installation of valves, air valves, washouts, fittings and joints, connection works, hydrostatic tests and other ancillary work.

The materials of the pipelines shall be high density polyethylene(HDPE) for sizes OD63-400mm and ductile iron(D.I) for size ND500mm.