About Us


Thomas Chase Global is a mining, engineering and construction company, with operations and office locations across Africa. Thomas Chase specializes in civil and hydro engineering and has expanded into mining and energy projects and investments.

Thomas Chase operations are in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Liberia, South Africa, and Zambia and continues to expand across Africa. Since inception Thomas Chase has executed a focused strategy to grow through collaborations and joint ventures with a focus on local employment and empowerment in all jurisdictions that Thomas Chase operates.

Thomas Chase is committed to optimum tailored engineering solutions to its clients to ensure growth of projects and operations in their sectors and specialist areas. This is achieved through commitment and focus on continuous professional development of our people to deliver quality and innovative projects.

Our people are highly qualified and comprise engineers, technologists and technicians among others, with vast experience in different companies and diverse engineering projects across the world.



To be the leading Mining, Engineering and Construction Company in Sub Saharan Africa.


To deliver quality projects to clients within time and budget.


Ability to adapt to changes in an internal or external environment.

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